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She moaned quietly as she pushed that throbbing meat into her drenched maw, and her bright blue eyes shut as she nearly hilted him in her throat. There was nothing the poor woman could do but drag her tongue slowly across that heavenly prick, letting her slobber soak his sack as he was berated by his clueless father. Corey's hand gripped tighter onto the back of his mother's head, clearly getting more and more irritated at his father's teasing.He only gulped down the words he wanted to spit out, and Susan let out a wet gurgle as that hand pushed her down onto that swollen piece of fuck meat. Don't tell me your old man got under your skin again ...He simply seemed frail-- Corey's father hated that. Meet some real people instead of those friends on the computer. Even if it's one outside of school." Corey seemed more and more dejected with every passing phrase from his father, and in the midst of the boy's silence his father would cut in again. I'll talk to her about signing you up for a local league, and I'm sure that once you've got a little experience under your belt you'll be a shoo-in for the team next year!

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He nearly banged his head against the desk on the way down, but he was far too horny to care as his orgasm wound down as his still iron hard cock throbbed close to Susan's face.

All she could smell was her baby's cum, oozing down her cheeks in slimey little strands as his musk marked her.

(( Dedicated to Noam Chomsky, Chomping on Sky from Dawn Till Dusk )) "So, did you make the team?

" Corey looked away from the bemused expression of his father on the skype window.

He was such a big boy and it made her flush with a sick and kinky bit of pride that she was in some way responsible for that, God knows his father wasn't.